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6/12/2013 7:47:31 PM
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WILD CHAGA mushroom (Kääpä) & DEER ANTLER from Lapland, Finland.

Chaga (Inonotus obliguus) is a extremely slow growing tree mushroom that grows in cold climates around the artic. Chaga contains many health promoting ingredients and helps to balance our body system and to prevent from illness. Chaga is widely known for it's cancer preventing powers it stops tumor growth and helps the body to get rid of radiation. Chaga is mainly used to empower the imune system. So it improves the power of resistance. It also is a strong medicine to stomach problems. In Finland people use Kääpä as they call it to clean the body.

The ORAC number (>40.000) of Chaga is higher than any other tested berry, herb or spice.ORAC number means power of anti oxidants. Chaga has been used in Chinese pharmaceutical science and artic traditional medicine for thousands of years. In the former Sovjet Union a lot of scientific research has been done on this "miracle" mushroom.
The indiginous people of Lapland (the sami) use ( kääpä) chaga to prevent illness like fever and drink a tea of it when they feel illness like fever coming.
The tea is made from powdered dried chaga. One teaspoon of chaga powder is put in to a cup. Pour boiling water over it and set asside for 60 min. The extract is drunk. 


Deer Antler is considered to be one of the "big three" ultimate “herbs” (dietary supplements) of Chinese medicine - Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and Deer Antler. All three are tonic herbs that have been used since thousands of years to prolong life, improve energy, to protect the body and to empower sexual energy and potency.

Scientific research has proven that deer antler stimulates the production of blood because it feeds the bone marrow. It contains chemicals closely related to human growth hormones. It helps to grow muscles and to recover after intense work or sport.
Deer Antler is used by athletes to support muscular strength. Deer Antler extract consumed as a dietary supplement supports the human in vivo production of IGF-1, a vital substance closely related to human growth hormone that regulates metabolism and hormone functions. Deer Antler extract is used to support the skeletal structure, especially the back and knees. Deer Antler helps support cartilage and joint function. As a dietary supplement that supports neurological functions, Deer Antler extract is also widely used to support mental power. 
Deer antler isn't normally used to treat any kind of ailment, but to support normal healthy life functions so as to promote wellbeing and longevity. It contains mucopolysaccharides that promote the regeneration the antler tissue in in the deer. This same substance supports regeneration of tissue to those who consume it.

NOTE!: Do NOT use Chaga if you have diabetis or if you use antibiotics or if you are allergic to mushrooms.
Dutch Raw Food Festival
6/12/2013 7:44:49 PM
This weekend on Sunday the 16th of June we are there on the Dutch Raw Food Festival with a stand with our products & some medicinal plants and superfoods. We will also present some new items like medicinal wild Chaga mushroom from Lapland.
Adress of the event: Boerderij Langerlust, Provinciale Weg 24, Amsterdam
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