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papaver somniferum seeds ( + 50 seeds)
with these seeds you can grow your own popies and make nice tea to relax or just enjoy the flowers as decoration in your garden or balcony.
Price  € 5.00
lycopodiella cernua ( 20 gram )
er zijn diverse alkaloiden indeze plant aangetroffen waaronder nicotine.deze plant wordt v.n.l gebruikt voor magische en rituele doeleinden.
various alkaloids are found in this plant, including nicotine. this plants is mainly used for magical and ritual purposes.
Price  € 15.00
as (lueheopsis rugosa)(10 gram)
Snuif as (lueheopsis rugosa)(10 gram) wordt samen met tabaksblad en water gebruikt of je hoofd helder te maken en concentratie te verhogen. Kan ook recreatief gebruikt worden. Pas wel op voor verslaving

sniffing ash is used together with tabaco leaf and water to make your brain clear and improve concentration. itn can be used for recreational purposes as well. but be carefull you can get adicted to the nicotine in the leaf.

Price  € 11.00
Nicotiana tabacum leaf blad( 20 gram )
Tabaksblad  Nicotiana tabacum  (ca 20 gram per blad) te gebruiken met snuif as  (lueheopsis rugosa ash).

Tobaco leaf Nicotiana tabacum to be used together with snuff ash. (lueheopsis rugosa ash) 

Price  € 7.00
datura seeds 10
datura is a powerfull shamanistic plant
very dangerous if you don't know how to use.

datura is een krachtige shamanistische plant.
erg gevaarlijk als je niet weet hoe je de plant moet gebruiken.
Price  € 5.00
datura plant
Price  € 10.00
 various species

shamanistic plant
Price  € 20.00
heimnia scalifora
 Heimnia scalifora ( sun opener)
 ritual and psychoactive plant from mexico.
Adfter the taking this plant in the right way you will see a green light around living beeings.

Price  € 20.00
Salvia Divinorium
Used in Mexico by shamans to get visions and diagnose patients.

Use: Chew, but not swallow aprox. 10-15 leaves. For stronger effects add more leaves. After 10 minuets effects will start. Duration of effect aprox. 45 minutes.

Can be smoked too. Effects start faster. Duration of the effect is aprox. 10 minutes when smoked.

When smoked take 2-3 leaves and inhale as much smoke as possible deeply. Keep smoke in longs as long as possible and repeat.

When chewed the effect will be felt longer and stronger. This is also the way shamans use it. Traditionaly Salvia Divinorium is used in a completly dark place.

Dangerous! Don't experiment with this plant if you don't know about these kind of vision/teacher plants.

Use at own risk or under super vision of a shaman or exeprienced person.
Price  € 20.00
Morning Glory
Price  € 7.00
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