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Minimum order €200,-


Quassia amara cup €24,95 from the Guyana's, eastern Amazon, South America

Shilajit (prehistoric forest paste minerals) from India 25 gram  €44,95



Blue lotus 1:15 tincture 10 ml (Nymphae caerlulea) €18,50

Blue Lotus shredded flowers 25 gram (Nymphae caerlulea) €14,50


Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) 3:1 20% alc Dual extraction. 20 ml €25,00

Lions mane (Hericium erinaceus) 10:1 20% alc. Dual extraction. 20 ml €25,00

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) 10:1 20% alc. Dual extraction. 20 ml €25,00


Chaga mushroom (inonotus obliquus) chunks from Lapland 100 gram €49,95



Rode bloemen oil (red flower oil)                      50 ml            € 17,95           

Tonka oil                                                           50 ml            € 20,-           

Krappa oil                                                         50 ml            € 14,95            

Hoepel oil                                                         50 ml             € 15,95         

Tjotjo fatoe oil                                                  50 ml.            € 16,95




Betel (areca) nuts from South India (on request)

Kola nuts from Ghana (on request)

Palm resin sirup from the Canary islands (La Gomera) (on request)

Ash of lueheopsis rugosa from the eastern amazon (Guyana's) (on request)

Soursop leaves from Surinam (on request)

Bush papaja leaves from Surinam (on request)

Lycopodiella cernua (aka clubmoss or wolfklauw) from Surinam (on request)

Rode katoen blad Red cotton leaves (on request)

Busi alesi, bosrijst (oryza glaberrima Steud) from Surinam (on request)


Rapé from various tribes from the Amazon rainforest (on request)




Most of our insences are burned on red hot coal

Olibanum pure dried resin no1 quality 10 gram €10 from Somalia 

Oud (Agar wood) €9,95 per insence stick (extremely powerful variety from south east asia)

Oud wood 10 gram €69

Myhre pure resin from india 10 gram €10 

Real Copal from mexico 10 gram €10

Sandal wood pure oil and wood from India (on request)



Bee products:

Bee hive (living bees with queen only) €200


Honey: €10 250 grams pure


Propolis €14,95 10 ml bottle


Living plants:


Aloe Vera €11,95

Siri Guayusa €27,95

Gagel (gale) € 40,95

....more to be anounced




Calendula seed pod €3


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